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FINALLY! An Evergreen Internet Marketing Funnel You Can Promote!

Get $27.75 INSTANT PayPal Commissions On the Front-End Offer and 50% INSTANT PayPal Commissions On Each of the Upsell Offers!

I'm not one for bragging... but look at the screenshot below:

WarriorPlus screenshot

I rolled this offer out slowly with just three affiliates. Pay close attention to 4 numbers in that screenshot.

Conversion rate. Visitor value. Average $ Per Sale. Refund Rate.

That's a 14% conversion rate on a $37.00 product! The visitor value (or earnings per click) is $6.10! And the average order value is $43.58

Look at the other offers surrounding mine in that screenshot... none of them come close.

This offer has been in the WarriorPlus Top 10 every day since I my three affiliates started driving traffic (see the screenshot below).

WarriorPlus screenshot

What's funny is... the day I took that screenshot above, the WarriorPlus Deal of the Day was that "Effortless Daycare" product that's ranked BELOW my offer!

With all the exposure they received that day... my funnel still made more money!

And I only have THREE affiliates driving traffic to it!

It's safe to say...

This is NOT your typical Internet Marketing funnel.

There is no launch happening here.

What you're about to discover is what you would consider a "unicorn" in the Internet Marketing community.

It's an EVERGREEN funnel... in the Internet Marketing niche... that you can promote as an affiliate... for years to come.

You see, most products in the Internet Marketing niche go something like this...

..."Brand new traffic source is putting Facebook out of business"...


..."Secret loophole ranks your website in 5 minutes or less"...


..."This Youtube hack boosts your video's ranking overnight"...

It's all "here today, gone tomorrow" stuff.

The typical Internet Marketing product is obsolete in a year (or less).

Well... not anymore.


The Newsletter Academy

The Newsletter Academy

In the making since 1999.

The Newsletter Academy is a VERY in-depth training that's a culmination of everything I've learned from running our gardening newsletter.

My dad started the newsletter way back in 1999 and today it goes out religously to over 200,000 gardeners.

The Main Product
The main product is priced at $37.00. It's a private membership site that consists of 8 core training modules, 4 case studies, newsletter tools & resources, and more. You will earn 75% Commission on the main product. You can see the Main Product sales page here.

Upsell #1
The first upsell is a case study of how we get 600+ subscribers per day on our email list. I actually sold this case study for $297.00 but I'm offering it for $97.00 to Newsletter Academy Members. You will earn 50% Commission on Upsell #1. You can see the Upsell #1 sales page here.

Upsell #2
The second upsell is a Done-For-You Newsletter Booster Pack that includes everything you need to start a newsletter businesses in 5 different niches. The set of 5 sells for $197.00. You will earn 50% Commission on Upsell #2.You can see the Upsell #2 sales page here.

If your buyer declines the set of 5 DFY Newsletter Booster Pack, they are offered an option for 3 DFY Newsletter Booster Packs for $97.00. You will earn 50% Commission on this downsell.You can see the downsell sales page here.

That brings your per-buyer commission total to a possible $174.75 each.

JUST ADDED: Free Exit Pop-up Offer Makes YOU More Sales

I just implemented a 2-step exit pop-up on the sales page that offers the visitor a free report before they leave.

Free Offer

The free report gives a broad overview of what The Newsletter Academy is and includes links throughout the report leading back to the sales page.

If a visitor you refer leaves without buying on their first visit but opts in for the free report before leaving... and THEN comes back later through my follow-up sequence... you still get credit for the sale!

Here's how you can get started...

You will need a WarriorPlus account and you will need to request to promote The Newsletter Academy funnel.

If you're not a WarriorPlus member, you can sign up here:

After you sign up (or if you're already a WarriorPlus member) click the link below to "request" to be an affiliate:

As far as affiliate tools and resources go... I don't believe in email swipes. I just don't think they're very effective. Everyone has their own writing style that resonates best with their list.

Feel free to contact me here with any promotional ideas, questions, or concerns.

Also, if you'd like to login to the member's area and check out the product... click the link above and I'll hook you up.

I appreciate you taking a look and it's my goal that you make a lot of money!

Dream big. Take action.
Duston McGroarty
Duston McGroarty